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Mozart, Die Zauberflöte, San Francisco Opera 2003 ( I: Cox, D: Caetani)

San Francisco Chronicles:
Johannes Martin Kränzle´s dazzling performance as Papageno was not actually a debut- he appeared as one of the monks in last season´s “Saint Francois d´Assise”- but it was the first occasion local audiences have had fully savor this artists formidable combination of vocal warmth and theatrical intelligence. As the boisterous bird-chatcher who lives only for eating, drinking and love, Kränzle deployed a resonant, lithe baritone that was full-bodied without being meaty. His comic timing was impeccable – he got all his laughs without hamming or overplaying a thing- and he even showed a talent for a quick ad-lib when a stage effect went awry in Act I.

San Francosco Classical Voice:
If Tamino and Pamina were fine, Johannes Martin Kränzle as Papageno was beyond fine. Playing Papageno convincingly must be among the hardest tasks in all opera. Kränzle did it; his acting was good enough that I began to suspect that Papageno is his real-life persona. How else could he toss off each line so naturally, unselfconcious, oblivious? When he burst into arias, it was like any menial worker bursting into song; and when he spoke, he spoke as himself.

Bay City News:
German baritone Johannes Martin Kränzle is the heart-winning Papageno, warm-voiced and an extraordinary actor. Kränzle has a gentle comic touch; his Papageno is capricious but never churlish.

S & H Opera Review:
Pamela Rosenberg delivers a real gem, such as this season´s Papageno, Johannes Martin Kränzle. They should have renamed the opera “Papageno”, because Kränzle rose above mediocrity.


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