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Johannes Martin Kränzle as Musiklehrer with Isabel Leonard (Komponist)
in Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss
Metropolitan Opera New York
photo (c) Marty Sohl


Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos, Metropolitan Opera New York
(D: Janowksi, I: Moshinsky)

New York Times:
The baritone Johannes Martin Kränzle was an vigorous, energetic, characterful music master.

Paterre Box:
Veteran German baritone Johannes Martin Kränzle, so drolly malicious as Beckmesser in this season’s superb revival of Die Meistersinge also with Davidsen, scored again as the benevolent Music Master who is trying to be everyone’s friend and support even while they are trying to undermine each other. Kränzle’s experience and native linguistic fluency added authority to his characterization.

New York Classical Voice:
Johannes Martin Kränzle’s Music Master was, in contrast, a sympathetic mentor to Isabel Leonard’s Composer.

Oberons Grove:
Lise Davidsen is everything you want in an Ariadne, and Johannes Martin Kränzle was perfect in the role of the Music Master. The other three principals succeeded to varying degrees, though none were in a league with Ms. Davidsen and Mr. Kränzle. Following his successes as Beckmesser at the Met (two seasons) and as Bartoks Bluebird with the NY Philharmonic, Johannes Martin Kränzle made a vivid impression today as the Music Master. Very much a stage creature, Mr. Kränzle never seems to act: he simply becomes whatever character he is portraying. And his singing is both powerful and alive with nuance. How I would love to see him as Wozzeck and Mozart's Don Alfonso.

Operaworld Espana:
Contribuyeron también al buen desarrollo del prólogo los barítonos alemanes Johannes Martin Kränzle como el maestro de música, de excelentes dicción y fraseo y atractivo timbre; y Wolfgang Brendel como el mayordomo.

BBW: Review:
Baritones Johannes Martin Kränzle and Wolfgang Brendel brought dignity and poise as the Music Master and Major-Domo in the prologue.

As the Music Master, Johannes Martin Kränzle sang with a resonant tone and incredible comic timing. Kränzle was a big contrast to Leonard’s hotheaded Composer, as he kept calm even as he received the news of the many changes.

The Observer:
Happily, the Prologue also featured the splendid Music-Master of Johannes Martin Kränzle who was also a standout as a deliciously cranky Beckmesser in last fall’s Meistersinger. His frustrated exchanges with the foppishly officious Major-Domo (Wolfgang Brendel) struck comic gold.

Der neue Merker::
Überzeugender noch war allerdings Johannes Martin Kränzle als Musiklehrer, der eine Präsenz hatte, die nicht jeder in dieser Rolle erreicht.

Seen and heard:
Everyone else was equally committed including with the always eye- and ear-catching Johannes Martin Kränzle providing wise counsel as the Music Master, luxury casting indeed.