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Public viewing in Zürich: Don Pasquale (Johannes Martin Kränzle)


Donizetti: Don Pasquale, Opernhaus Zürich ( 2023 D: Quatrini, I: Loy) Wiederaufnahme mit Public Viewing

I hear voices:
Don Pasquale appears as a very lonely person in a desperate attempt of being happy….A bête-de-scène, Johannes Martin Kränzle stands out in this cast by the crispier pronunciation of the Italian language, and by the way he adapts the role to his own personality. His Don Pasquale is fidgety and nervous in angular gestures in a rather bipolar way – and this permeates his interpretation with a set of comic little touches entirely different from what one would expect from an Italian buffo. He more readily keeps to the written line and the natural rhythm of the music too. His opening aria sounded cleaner than what one uses to hear, for instance…..Moreover, everybody on stage seem to be having the greatest fun of their lives.


PODCAST from Opernhaus Zürich with Johannes Martin Kränzle